Firefighters warn of fireworks dangers

Firefighters warn of fireworks dangers
By: Erica Byfield

MAYFIELD, Ky. - Firefighters make it a point to warn us of about dangers of fireworks every year.  But this time we're told it's more than just a warning; since part of the Heartland is in a severe drought.

To some of us like 13-year-old Meredith Wright, fireworks are pure joy.
"I love watching the fireworks as they go up in the air," Wright said. 
To others, just the thought of sparklers or a crackling sunset makes them a little uneasy. You probably can't blame them because these people fight fires. 
"People can get burnt and it is very dangerous," said Captain Bill Alford with the Mayfield Fire Department.   
Compounded by the fact that it is extremely hot and dry outside, Alford offers a suggestion. "If you have a show display in your home and try not to use the fireworks at home."
That is the motto his family now uses, after he and his three children learned about the dangers of fireworks the hard way.
"We used to do a display and we had a little accident about five years ago." he said "We had several fireworks go off at one time and they shot in different directions and we realized we need to leave that to the professionals."
Alford understands if you're not willing to let go of your favorite holiday tradition.  If you do opt to buy fireworks, make sure they are legal in Kentucky.

Alford says you can't light anything in the state that explodes. "They shoot up and there are sparks and ambers that come from them and anytime your in a dry situation it doesn't take very much to start a fire."

If something does happen, the Mayfield Fire Department is ready, but Bill Alford would prefer it to be fire-free holiday.
Even though it rained Friday in western Kentucky, it was not enough to get the area out of the drought.