Wife says she didn't kill husband

Wife says she didn't kill her husband
By: Crystal Britt

MARSTON, Mo. -- There are still a lot of unanswered questions surrounding the death of a Marston man. On Wednesday night, 60-year-old Andrew Wyatt died after being shot in the chest.
Police arrested and questioned his wife, but she was released. No one has been charged in connection with Wyatt's death and no charges are pending. New Madrid County Sheriff Terry Stevens told Heartland News the investigation is not over.
"I'm wondering what really happened to him," said Rosetta Wyatt. 
Wyatt said she didn't kill her husband. She told Heartland News Reporter Crystal Britt how much she loved him and misses him terribly.  
Police arrived at the couple's home on Lewis Street in Marston early Wednesday night.  Inside they found Mr. Wyatt dead. Autopsy results confirm he was shot once in the chest.
How did it happen? "I'd really rather not comment on it," said Rosetta Wyatt.

Police won't say either. Mrs. Wyatt said she was held overnight at the County Jail for questioning.  She was released just hours before making funeral arrangements for the man she said she would never hurt.

"He was the best thing I had in my life. The only thing I had down here.  He was the only one I really knew down here. There ain't no way in the world I'd do some like that.  No way," said Wyatt.
Sheriff Stevens said investigators recently sent off evidence to the crime lab.  They're waiting to hear back before deciding what to do next.