Solar Communications branch to close

Solar Communications branch to close
By: CJ Cassidy

PERRYVILLE, Mo. - About 35 jobs are on the line at the Perryville, Missouri branch of Solar Communications.
Executive Vice President Peter Hudetz said consolidating the branch is something they were expecting would happen for a while now.
The printing, packaging and mailing company opened its doors 20 years ago.
At one point they employed 200-300 people at a time, but employees waiting to find out the status of their jobs, said the company began cutting down on the number of people they hired years ago.
Still, Chamber of Commerce leaders said there's a strong demand for qualified production workers in the area.
Robert Francis said he understands why the company has decided to close the branch.
"Changes in the printing industry, and the cost of mailing packages probably made a big difference in how Solar Communications conducts their business. You have to do what you have to do for the business to survive and be profitable," Francis said.
Francis said the chamber will put out-of-work employees in touch with the Division of Employment Securities to help them find new jobs.
Company executives also said some employees will be offered the chance to continue working in Naperville, Illinois where Solar Communications is headquartered.