Nurse faces criminal charges

Nurse faces criminal charges
By: CJ Cassidy

DEXTER, Mo. - It's an investigation that's been months in the making.
Police arrested 34-year-old Ceceli Freed on felony charges of stealing a controlled substance.
She's since posted bond.
According to court documents, Cecili Freed had plenty of access through her high profile jobs in the medical community.  But as police continue that investigation, they also want to know more about her husband's drug-related death.
Cecili Freed's arrest comes more than four months after her husband's death at this home on Susan Street in Dexter.
Police investigating Chad Freed's death say they came across a variety of prescription drugs at their house.
"Upon investigation it was determined that the narcotics were taken from local nursing homes," Dexter Detective Trevor Pulley said.
Cecili Freed worked as director of nursing at Crowley Ridge Care Center back in February. according to court documents investigators discovered Freed was mishandling narcotics here - specifically Fentanyl - one of the same drugs toxicology reports indicated was found in her husband's system after his death.
The Fentanyl patch is designed to be time released.  Experts say it can be deadly taken any other way.
Court papers also show Chad Freed died as a result of mixed drug intoxication, and the level of Fentanyl was high enough to have caused his death.
And that's not all.  Before her stint at Crowley Ridge, Freed served director of nursing at Miner Nursing Center.
According to police reports, some of the drugs the Freeds had belonged to residents at Miner Nursing Center.
Pulley says he fears this case is just part of a growing drug trend.
"More people are over dosing, we're finding more people deceased on pain killers and pharmaceuticals than we do street drugs," Pulley said.
Cecili Freed also worked at the Poplar Bluff Regional Medical Center and records show she mishandled narcotics there too.
The Stoddard County Prosecutor says more charges are pending in the case.
As for the reason it took months before charges were filed, police say it takes time to get subpoenas for medical records, especially on several different patients and they wanted to make sure they had everything on hand before they handed it over to prosecutors.