Numbers that Could Save Your Life

Numbers that Could Save Your Life
By: Holly Brantley
BLOOMFIELD, Mo. -- When first responders are called, seconds are precious. The last thing they want to do is lose time searching for you. But, firefighters say it can be frustrating if you house number is hard to see.
"Most of the time when we're out at night it's hard to see the numbers," said Firefighter, Larry Jarrell of Bloomfield. "We want to get to you as quick as we can."
Bloomfield Police Chief Jay Curtman wants people to make sure their homes are clearly marked with large visible numbers. If possible, place them under a porch light and don't let shrubs hide them.
"Go out on the street and pick a spot that's visible and apply them there," said Curtman.
"A light really helps," said Jarrell.
Curtman says giving good directions to your home in general could make all the difference. Have them ready in case you find yourself in need.
"A matter of minutes could save your life," said Curtman.
The mayor is working with Chief Curtman to get homes in Bloomfield clearly marked.
A city ordinance is in place. If your home doesn't meet standards it could result in a fifty dollar fine.