Hometown honors crash survivor

Hometown honors crash survivor
By: Arnold Wyrick

SESSER, Ill. - Two years ago this Saturday, Sharla Kuberski of Sesser, Illinois was driving into town for their Homecoming Days parade.  But she never made it, just a half mile from her home Sharla swerved to miss a deer, striking a telephone pole and rolling her car seven times.
She'd spend the next two months in a coma and the next two years fighting back against all odds to regain her life.
"The doctors said she was very critical, there was no hope.  That's why they put her in a drug induced coma.  And it was strange to look down on my daughter with all those tubes covering her and her wrists were tied down," said Kathy Kuberski.
But, Sharla didn't give up and neither did her family.  She lay there unable to respond, or even move, until one day her sister came in and sang her favorite song to her, 'The Phantom of the Opera' Sharla started singing with her.
"After my accident, because of my brain injury I didn't even want to eat.  I had to learn how to eat all over again.  Now I'm thinking to myself that was crazy, who wouldn't want to eat?  Now they can't stop me from eating," Sharla said laughing about the thought of not wanting to eat.
It's that zest for life that helped her overcome the odds of living.  It's what amazed her doctors, and family while she struggled through numerous surgeries and months of physical therapy.
"I've learned that if you don't try you'll just end up being a failure.  So you might as well try, everybody has to go through struggles.  That what life's about.  If you don't try to do something you're never going to get any where," Sharla said.
And now the vibrant 20-year-old is looking towards her future, a dream she and others never thought possible just two years ago.  As she lay in a Saint Louis hospital bed fighting to stay alive.
"I guess I want to be a teacher and get a family, two to three kids, a dog and a house," she said.
On Saturday the entire Sesser community will honor Sharla's miraculous recovery during this year's Homecoming Days Parade.  Sharla's going to be the grand marshall.