Local churches burglarized

Local churches burglarized
By: Arnold Wyrick

A crime spree is sweeping across Union County and so far the only thing the thief, or thieves are after is money.  According to the Union County Sheriff, they're stealing it from churches.

"They're passing some very valuable equipment to go in and get what's either been collected on Sunday services or Wednesday services," said Sheriff Daivd Livesay. "They're looking for money."

The rash of break-ins started in the second week of May.  Most recently the suspect or suspects have been targeting rural churches.  Nine churches in Union county have been broken into by someone or several people.

"Right now we're investigating that option.  It looks like that they're using rural churches as out away in a dark area where they can get into.  But bear in mind, we have had some churches broken into in the cities too," said Sheriff Livesay.

Alexander County authorities say they've had three similar break-ins.  Money was taken in all 12 cases.

Anna police report at least six attempted break-ins in the last couple of days.  So far they've only been able to actually break into one church, the First Evangelical Church on South Street.

Police are asking for any information the public may have on these crimes.  Call the Union County Sheriff's office at 618-833-5500.