Bush administration waives some travel requirements

Bush administration waives some travel requirements
By: Heartland News

WASHINGTON - The Bush administration has suspended some of the new post 9/11 flying requirements.
Travelers to and from Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and Bermuda do not have to have their passports in hand to travel.
Travelers do, however, need a state department receipt showing you've applied for that passport.
You still can't travel if you have not applied for a passport.
These rules are only good through September. After that, the old rules apply.
The Bush administration decided on this temporary suspension of its requirement that travelers carry passports to fly to and from any foreign country because it was overwhelmed with millions of passport applications.
The suspension will give the state department time to deal with the recent massive surge in applications.
Between March and May, the department issued more than 4.5 million passports.
The backlog has caused three-month delays for travelers and spoiled vacation plans for thousands of Americans.