State champion looks for another title

State champion looks for another title
By: Arnold Wyrick

PINCKNEYVILLE, Ill. - Since she was a little girl Kimberly Spencer's family knew she could run.  But, they never imagined how fast and far her talent would take her.
"It was amazing since she's been running since she was in kindergarten.  Her kindergarten teachers and everybody tried to out run her all the way through grade school, and they never could out run her.  She was the fastest one in that grade school," said Bernice Spencer about her daughter's younger years.
Kimberly only got faster as she got older.  She set state records in her 7th & 8th grade years, in the 100-meter and 200-meter dash, records that still stand today.
"I have an older sister and brother.  They also ran track.  But, I've tried to carry on what they did.  They were fast.  I'm the fastest of them all though.  So I guess that's where it kind of started," says Kimberly Spencer of Pinckneyville.
And it's never stopped for the three-peat state champion in the 100-meter and 200-meter dash.  Now, her Pinckneyville Panther teammates look towards the Junior for guidance on the track, and a tip for getting faster.
"Some of the freshman ask me how are you so fast?  Do you eat something, or what do you do before a run?  I just say it's God's natural given talent that God gave me, I guess," Kimberly said.
And she turns to her faith before each and every race with a prayer. 
She's never got to win on her own track though, at Pinckneyville High School, because it's not IHSA approved.  That's not stopping her from looking beyond her competitors podiums towards her future.
"Go back up to state next year as a senior, dominate again with the 100-meter and also the 200-meter.  And hopefully big colleges will look at me and I'll hopefully get a full ride scholarship in track and field."
And Kimberly could go even farther then that with her talent and abilities, possibly all the way to the Olympics.
"I'm going to be right there beside her if the Lord's wills encouraging her on.  The sky's the limit," Bernice said.