New details in Oran MAP test investigation

New details in Oran MAP test investigation
By: Mike Shain

ORAN, Mo. - There are new details on a MAP test investigation at a local school.
Just over a month ago Heartland News reported about an investigation concerning the test and a teacher at Oran Elementary.
A copy of the report from the state department of education shows the Oran School Superintendent Mitchell Wood says an elementary teacher breached the security of Missouri's map test by copying down questions from a sample test.
The test, which is required by the state, is given to students to measure their progress.
Veteran teacher Janet Randolph is the teacher involved and has resigned.
Wood says Mrs. Randolph still claims she did nothing wrong.
But the superintendent says Randolph broke two school board rules involving the MAP test.
Those are copying any part of a standardized test booklet and failure to follow testing guidelines.
Wood says this type of action will not be tolerated.
Another teacher received a reprimand in this incident. Although school officials found she did nothing wrong.
There is no indication any Oran students actually saw the questions before the MAP test.