Michael Devlin is now a suspect in five cases of missing boys
By: Crystal Britt
Just how far does Michael Devlin's trail lead?  A police task force is looking into five cases of missing children, wondering if Devlin could be responsible. The five cases all involve the disappearance of young boys, including one in Illinois, three in Missouri, and one in Western Michigan. It's that case in Michigan that's raising a lot of questions. Police now know Devlin has strong ties to that part of the country.  
"It's very eerie to think this guy, you've watched him on TV and he could possibly know after six years where your brother is." Jodi Bopp gets cold chills just thinking Michael Devlin could have kidnapped her brother Steven Kraft.
The 12-year-old went missing in February of 2001 in Benton Township, Michigan. A police task force now says, as a boy, Devlin's family would rent a cottage in Pentwater, Michigan: just two hours north of Benton Township. "I think the similarities are there as to what he did in Missouri could have happened up here", said Benton Township Police Chief Vince Fetke. "This guy was in Michigan, the highway was more than a mile and a half from our home. Then to come to find out he had kidnapped two other children for sure."
Those children, Shawn Hornbeck and Ben Ownby reportedly lived in a Kirkwood apartment building with Devlin. After police removed evidence and Devlin's lawyers removed the rest of his things, the landlord was left with filth. The floor is covered with trash, cat hair, and even cat feces is everywhere. The stove is caked with dried food and the bathroom is a mess. There's also plenty of evidence of Devlin's reported love of gaming: including numerous receipts from video stores.
Meanwhile, the FBI subpoenaed all Devlin's time sheets from the IMO's where he worked for more than 20 years, trying to connect him with numerous cases of missing boys. Police searched the Devlin vacation rental in and around Pentwater, but so far have no physical evidence linking Devlin to Steven Kraft.
The victim's sister just wants Devlin to come clean. "What's another 10-20 years, he's not getting out. Let us have our children back, let us be able to put them to rest or bring them home", said Bopp.