Dangers of Oaks Road prove deadly

Dangers of Oaks Road prove deadly
By: Erica Byfield

McCRACKEN COUNTY, Ky. - The road that leads to Paducah International Raceway has proven to be dangerous. It's called Oaks Road. Since the beginning of this year officers logged seven major crashes there with three deaths.

We took a ride down Oaks Road with an officer to find what drivers are doing wrong. It's not everyday a professional, like McCracken County Chief Deputy Mike Turnbow, will get behind the wheel and show you how it's done. "I'll demonstrate what's been happening at a very slow speed of course" he said.

The seven major accidents along this stretch of road all have one major thing in common; drivers panic when they start to slip off the road and end up over correcting. Also, in all three cases where people died speed, drunk driving and drugs where not a factor.

Turnbow said motorist are causing the accidents themselves from something called driver inattention; meaning trying to change the radio station while your driving, answering your phone or maybe dealing with fussy kids in the back. 

So what do you do on a curvy country road when you start to loose control? Turnbow said "the idea is to stay off the breaks and very gently stir back on the roadway" it just that simple, jerking the wheel is never a good idea.

Bottom-line pay attention, don't panic and gently ease your car back on the road, that way your chances of getting in a wreck stop on a dime. 
So far there have been 11 deadly accidents in McCracken County this year that is an increase of 200 percent from last year.