Town shows support for injured sheriff in lights

Town shows support for injured sheriff in lights
By: Erica Byfield

JOHNSON COUNTY, Ill. - In the wake of the horrific traffic accident, people in Johnson County show their support for their injured sheriff. Either he's family "my husband is related to him distantly" said Tiffney Faulkner, or friend.

Say the name Elry Faulkner in the streets of Vienna and nearly everyone has a story to tell. "I'll tell you who he puts me in mind of, if you remember Andy Griffith off the show" said Shawn Bailey. "He's a very respectful man, very gracious man, he's done this county so much in the years been here" said Shelly Hazel.

After more than 30 years as the Johnson County Sheriff, the area he vowed to protect and serve, is showing their concern when he may need them the most. "A staple in this community, when you think of Vienna, you think of Elry Faulkner" said Bailey.

You'll find well wishes in flashing lights "were the only bank in Johnson County that's chartered in Johnson County and we feel Elry is a part of our family.  We just really wanted to reach out to the public and say we know about this and we are concerned" said Hazel.

Community members also added prayers for a speedy recovery to the list of the daily specials. Chief Deputy Robert Harner confident, it will take time but his buddy will be back "it's a waiting game, he will I'm sure be back, but it's just going to take awhile for him to heal up."

Until then, people in town are taking a vow of their own; to keep the sheriff in their hearts and prayers until he's back on the job.
As of Thursday afternoon, Johnson County Sheriff Elry Faulkner is in critical condition at Saint Francis Hospital in Cape Girardeau.