Paducah city leaders giving Canadian geese the boot

Paducah city leaders giving Canadian geese the boot
By: Erica Byfield

PADUCAH, Ky. - Some wildlife in Paducah may have overstayed their welcome. So much so, the city is paying big bucks to help a flock of Canadian Geese get out of town.

"I've been chased like three times today by geese" said Jonathan Reynolds.        
He and his wife Ashley don't let these geese get to them.  In fact, they consider their stroll around the lake at Noble Park a treasure hunt "Did you see all those eggs over there in front of the little house" Reynolds asked his wife.     

But their next hunt at the lake may not be the same, if the city has anything to do with it. Say goodbye, to the water foul better known as the Canadian goose. "We anticipate that they will go to Eastern Kentucky" said Mark Thompson, Parks Department Director.

To put it politely, Thompson considers the geese a nuisance. "There is a lot of mess, droppings and stuff on the sidewalk and some of them aggressive and we gotten complaints from the public."

Canadian geese don't tend to leave on their own; they are what are considered a "resident species." Plus, they are federally protected; so the city had to ask the US Department of Agriculture for help. "They are the only ones that can handle transportation and moving of geese" said Thompson.

Back in the park, Reynolds is sad to see the geese go.  "I say leave them alone, they aren't hurting anyone." Thompson admits this is only a temporary solution because the geese are wildlife.  So, there is no guarantee when the next flock of wild Canadian geese will fly into Paducah and consider Noble Park their home.

The Canadian geese don't have an official departure date yet. Thompson says he's still waiting on the USDA to make that decision; he suspects it will be sometime after June 1st.