Dreams come true for Heartland boy

Dreams come true for Heartland boy
By: Crystal Britt
SCOTT CITY, Mo. - A Heartland boy just found out dreams really do come true. Last month Heartland News introduced you to 12-year-old Chad Ing from Scott City. He was born deaf and recently found out he's going blind. His wish was to see the ocean before he loses his sight. Thanks to a lot of generous hearts that wish is granted.
They barely got out of the car at Dauphin Island along Alabama's Gulf Coast when Chad saw with his own eyes what he'd envisioned for so long. "He went running toward the water and hollering water, water, water and raised his hands up when he got there, it was worth it all right there", said Gary Blankenship-Chad's Uncle. "Seeing his reaction, when he saw the ocean and all that water, watching him run and play, it was amazing", said Sonya Blankenship-Chad's Aunt.
It was Chad's first vacation, and a first family trip for Chad's Aunt and Uncle who are now raising him. Chad was born deaf and recently found out he has Usher Syndrome, a condition that will cause him to go blind. He's making the most of the eye sight he has today, and while some of his senses are fading the memories made at the ocean this past week will likely last a lifetime. The family also spent time in Mobile, Alabama. Not only did they have spending money, but the hotel was paid for. Chad's family is so humbled by the outpouring of compassion. "It means the world to me, my whole family that Chad got to do all this, I don't even have the words to express how much it does mean", said Sonya.  "It made dreams come true for Chad and us too", said Gary.
Chad's father died when Chad was small, and his Uncle Gary made a promise to take care of Chad. He's always done his best. He wanted this trip so badly for Chad, but knew it wasn't possible financially. Now, thanks to kindness he can show Chad the thrills of the water, and the beauty of nature. "I love it, it's great, I never dreamed of it being this way. I'm just thankful", said Gary.
There's plenty of videos and snap shots for the family to remember this special trip. But, for Chad the memories of what he saw will always be in his heart--a heart no doubt warmed with love and appreciation.
Because so much money was raised the family is planning another trip for Chad. A complete stranger has donated his condo along the beach in Gulf Shores.