The Clever Clasp

Does it Work Wednesday
The Clever Clasp

By: Lauren Keith
The Clever Clasp claims it can make putting on your jewelry a simple task.  The Clever Clasp is a small, magnetic hook, that fastens onto your jewelry.  The magnetic ends simply snap into place, holding up the heaviest of jewelry.  Three ladies from Chateau Girardeau help me put this product to the Does it Work test.
We have a variety of jewelry, from Marie's heavyweight Cross necklace to some of Jenny's bracelets and Kathy's necklaces that have super-tiny clasps.
"I work with it for 5 minutes or so and then I give up," says an exasperated Kathy Beck. 
She even uses a magnifying glass to help her see that tiny clasp. So, will this product turn out be as clever as it claims? Well, we immediately notice something the As-Seen-On-TV network didn't exactly describe in the commercial.
"You still have to fasten the claspe!" points out Marie.
That's right. You still have to attach the Clever Clasp to your jewelry. So, we fumble a bit trying to get each side of the Clever Clasp hooked onto our necklaces.
"Oh boy!" I say.
We struggle especially with Jenny's super-tiny chain and clasp, but once we get hooked...
"That part was easy!" says Jenny as the magnetic ends on both Clever Clasp snap together.
Clever Clasp does connect your jewelry in a snap. It easily held up Marie's heavy necklace.
"I like it," says Marie.
Taking off the necklace isn't all that hard, just remember you have to twist the barrel on the Clever Clasp a bit.  Don't pull on the necklace chain or you could break it!
"I would like it specifically for this necklace, because I can never get it on by myself, and I did with the Clever Clasp," says Jenny.
I also have a piece of jewelry I call my "trouble bracelet." I have the hardest time getting my charm bracelet hooked on my own, so I put on a clever claspe, and the magnets did help get it together, but I soon noticed a problem.  When I stood up, putting my arms down, the bracelet slipped right off my wrist! The Clever Clasp added more length to my bracelet causing it to slip off. That's definitely not mentioned in the commercial. It stays right on the hand model!
"I was disappointed that it would make the braclets larger, because that I wouldn't like, " says Jenny.
The Clever Clasp also caused Marie's bracelet to fall right off, too. However, these ladies still really like the little hook for their necklaces.
"I would use it," says Kathy.
Still, they all agree, they'd only use the 4 Clever Clasps the set comes with, on their most troublesome necklaces.
"Are you going to take time to take it from one piece to another? That's going to take time. I don't think I would," says Kathy.
So, does the Clever Clasp hook a passing grade?
"B!" says Kathy.
"B minus," says Marie.
"B minus," chimes in Jenny.
Well, these ladies must not hold a grudge like I do - I can't look past the fact that this little hook does add length, making most bracelets slip off.  Plus, you still have to attach your jewelry to the Clever Clasp, which can be equally frustrating. So, while it is handy for necklaces, it didn't work on bracelets.  I'm knocking that final grade down to a "C" on this Does it Work test.