Weather Watcher - Patterson Mountain, MO

Name:  Lawrence J. Maurer

Town:  Patterson Mountain, MO (rural Iron County- we get a lot of inquiries about where Patterson Mtn. is located.  The Maurers live in a high valley at the base of Patterson Mountain, which is several miles southeast of Ironton, of county road E.   This location, like many other valleys in the Ozarks,  experiences some surprisingly cold temperatures especially on clear, calm winter nights.)

Number of years as Weather Watcher:  Since 1980

Most interesting weather:  Lawrence has two favorite weather stories.  He saw 200 plus inches of rain when he lived in New Guinea.  He also lived through a 46 below zero temperature in northern Minnesota.

Something extra:  Lawrence spent some time mining for gold along the Caroni River in Venezuala.  He talks about the aligators, sting rays, and electric eels that were his neighbors along the river.