A New Face to Red Cross Volunteers

Day two of the Heartland blood drive was a success. Volunteers are always a big part of making sure things go as planned. You may be used to seeing adults donating their time, but now there's a whole new, "young" face to volunteering.

On a Friday night, most teenagers are out hitting the town, but one group of teens from Sikeston High School is doing something much different. 17-year-old TaKeysha Robinson says, "I like helping out the community." Robinson's not alone. She and her classmates are donating their time, because they never know when they might need help. 18-year-old Cintina Bowden says, "I feel it's the right thing to do, because I would want people to help me if I ever need blood." But they're not the youngest Red Cross volunteers; a group of Girl Scouts in Perryville also took time to help out with the blood drive there. They may not be old enough to give, but they know the importance of giving. It's a lesson these young volunteers learned first-hand, a lesson they won't forget anytime soon. 18-year-old LaChrista Dunn says, “It makes me feel real good, because you're helping everybody and you see the smiling faces as they leave, it's real nice."

Friday, we got 430 units of blood that puts us 338 units away from our goal of 1,200.