Runaway children found in Florida

Runaway children found in Florida
By: CJ Cassidy
PERRYVILLE, Mo. - It's the ending some Perry County, Missouri parents had hoped for. 14-year-old Brandon Lundmark and 12-year-old Brianna Williams were found alive more than 700 miles away in the Florida town of Milton. Both disappeared from Perry County one week ago.
A juvenile officer from Perry County will now travel to Milton to pick up the youngsters who are currently being held in juvenile custody.
Family members anxiously waiting to see their kids say they have a lot of unanswered questions. "They've been found near Pensacola," Sam Garris told her older son on the phone. Her voice displaying none of the excitement she said she felt at hearing her younger son and his girlfriend had been found alive and well, one week after they ran away from their homes.
"I'm elated, and so glad they didn't hurt anyone else, and I can't wait for them to come back home again," she says.
Police put out alerts after Brandon and Brianna ran away one week ago. But they never expected to find them so far away from home - 700 miles away in Florida. "He was driving his father's truck, and getting into situations on the road, that could be difficult for a 14-year-old to control," Perry County Sheriff Gary Schaaf pointed out.
He explains, a Santa Rosa County Sheriff's deputy spotter Brandon's father's grey truck outside a home and ran the license plate. When it came back registered to the boy's dad, he and other deputies went inside and found the youngsters there. "I daresay they will probably face some charges through the juvenile office," Schaaf says.
Brandon's mother, Sam Garris says Santa Rosa investigators told her son and his girlfriend were in the company of some "shady characters." "I've told him his dad is upset with him, but I hope he doesn't ever run away again. There's nothing we can't work out," she says.
The youngsters are expected to be brought back very soon.