Swivel Sweeper

BEFORE - Lauren spills Trail Mix on the carpet
BEFORE - Lauren spills Trail Mix on the carpet
AFTER - The Swivel Sweeper has no problem picking up the Trail Mix
AFTER - The Swivel Sweeper has no problem picking up the Trail Mix
Does it Work Wednesday
Swivel Sweeper
By: Lauren Keith
It's a product dozens of Heartland News viewers requested I try before they buy---the Swivel Sweeper.  It's a $35 vacuum/broom combo that's supposed to swivel in all directions, allowing you to use it under furniture in the tightest of corners. 
"I want it so I don't have to drag out the heavy vacuum and also the hose to do the stairs. When we test the stairs, I guess we'll find out," says Darlene Bradley of Cape Girardeau.
You might say the Swivel Sweeper "swept" Darlene Bradley away, or at least the marketing did. The pictures on the box mirror her life. She wants the Swivel Sweeper to work on her steps and clean up dog hair and food from her pal, T-bone.  After she saw the commercial, she thought this product might be too good to be true, so she wants me to try it before she buys it. Let's get to the test.  Darlene and I scatter some Trail Mix on her carpet. 
"There we go, let's see. Wow!" she says as she turns on the battery-powered sweeper and watches it immediately suck up the pieces.
She's impressed so far. Now let's see if this swiveling vacuum will go under the couch.
"Oh, it did!"  Darlene excitedly says.
It fared pretty well, although it did push some of the pieces further back under the couch.
"Just a couple of pieces though," says Darlene.
Now let's try linoleum.
"It worked pretty good!" Darlene says as the Swivel Sweeper glides over the kitchen floor picking up the Trail Mix.
"It even picked up dog hair," says Darlene.
But here's the first downfall.  It doesn't take long before we have to empty the rather small tray, and please---whatever you do---follow the directions on how to empty that small tray.  We didn't, and Trail Mix flew out everywhere!
"Wanna try the stairs?" I ask Darlene.
This time, we make a mess, on purpose.  We crushed some potato chips and threw them on the stairs.  Darlene starts up the Swivel.  She's pleased with the way it easily glides over the steps.
"I would use this on the steps!" she says.
Darlene really likes it, until we get below the steps!  She has a small Oriental rug on the floor below that has long strands of carpet.  When the Swivel got near the rug, it sucked up the carpet, getting caught!  It easily became untangled, but it happened over and over again.  One time, when it got caught on the carpet, the Swivel dumped out all the crumbs we had just picked up!  So, carpet owners take note of this.  You don't want to use the Swivel on shag-style carpet.    Let's sweep up a grade here for this battery-operated mini vacuum.
"It's light-weight and I could just grab it out of the closet and the steps would be clean," remarks Darlene talking about the advantages of the Swivel Sweeper.
However, she thinks the dirt tray should be bigger to hold more crumbs.
"You're going to have to dump it a lot," she says.
Our test found the Swivel Sweeper isn't perfect.  In fact, don't plan on replacing your regular vacuum for this one.  You'll want to use the Swivel for quick cleaning.  However, it does work great on ceramic tile and hardwood floors.  I used it in my home, and absolutely loved it on that style of flooring.  Now I do have some carpet in one room, and the sweeper got hung up on it.  My advice: carpet owners probably wouldn't like the Swivel Sweeper, but others will love the way it glides over tile, wood and linoleum.  It even picked up hair on my bathroom tile floor.
"I'm thinking C plus, but I'm still going to buy one simply to use on my stairs and on the kitchen linoleum," says Darlene.
The $35 dollar Swivel Sweeper is handy and works fairly well. I'll stick with that above average C+ on this Does it Work Wednesday test.  You can buy the Swivel Sweeper at Bed, Bath and Beyond, Kohl's, Target and Walgreens stores.