The search continues for two missing middle schoolers

The search continues for two missing middle schoolers
By: Wes Wallace

Two middle schoolers, a stolen truck, and a gun inside the vehicle gives police and parents something to worry about.

Perry County Sheriff Gary Schaff tells Heartland News 14-year old Brandon Lundmark and 12-year old Brianna Williams were spotted at the Flying J Truck Stop in New Madrid County Tuesday morning.  Schaff says a detective looked at surveillance video and is pretty sure the cameras caught Brandon sometime between 8-9 Tuesday morning.

Brianna's parents say they don't think she planned on going far, because she didn't pack any personal belongings, including her medication.

Both Brandon and Brianna's parents expressed serious concern about their children's disappearance.

The stolen truck is a 2002 Z71 with Missouri license plate 702-RG6.


Two local seventh graders still missing after driving away in a stolen truck
By: Wes Wallace
PERRYVILLE, Mo. - Under the cover of night, police say 14-year-old Brandon Lundmark stole his father's truck and picked up his 12-year-old girlfriend, Brianna Williams.

Where the two are now, is anyone's guess. "No matter what he's done or what's going on, we love him, and just want him home, "  says Brandon's mother, Sam Garris.

Late Monday night or early Tuesday morning, Brandon and Brianna left Perry County in a truck with some money and an ATM card from Brandon's father's wallet.
Police say last traced the pair to an ATM withdrawal in Cape Girardeau.  Sam Garris fears the two seventh graders could be headed to California, where some of Brianna's relatives live.

The two could be driving a gray Z71 pickup with Missouri license plates 702 RG6. Both Brandon and Brianna's parents are very concerned about their safety and just want their kids home again.

Heartland News usually does not report on runaway children. That is unless police tell us the kids are at risk. In this case police do say not only are they at risk but so is the public because you have two underage kids driving a stolen truck.