Lieutenant Governor looking to solve Illinois' electric crisis

Lieutenant Governor  looking to solve Illinois' electric crisis
By: Arnold Wyrick

MARION, Ill. - Ameren CIPS's  rate hikes in Illinois have fired up Lieutenant Governor Pat Quinn.  And to show his displeasure with the new rates, Quinn is calling for the companies top officials to give back their six-digit bonuses, and take pay cuts. "The CEO of Ameren made more than three million dollars last year, he got a half a million dollar pay raise and a quarter-of-a-million dollar bonus for his efforts last year.  That figures out to be $17.33 a minute," says Lt. Governor Quinn.

But, now Quinn wants Illinois' lawmakers to get busy during their Spring session and solve the 'state's electric crisis'. "I don't think anything will happen in Springfield on any other issue until this crisis is resolved.  Any other issue regarding the government of our state, I think has to take a backseat until we straighten out the electric rate crisis," Quinn said.

And according to Quinn, it's going to take everyone in the state working together to hold Ameren and ComED responsible for their power supply charges. "The only way to do it now is to pass strict no nonsense laws to tell the companies how to behave. That's the only way to go we can't rely on their own good faith."

Quinn was also very critical Tuesday morning during his stop-off at the Williamson County Airport of the Illinois Commerce Commission. "I'm very disappointed in this group that is supposed to be a 'watch-dog' for us consumers, instead they're being 'lap-dogs' for the big power companies."