Heartland parents learn about the choking game

Heartland parents learn about the choking game
By: Erica Byfield

CALLOWAY COUNTY, Ky. - As shocking as it may sound, kids in the Heartland play the choking game and sometimes there are deadly consequences.  To drive the point home leaders in Calloway County had a frank conversation with parents.

A packed house listened to a heart breaking phone call no parent, family member or friend every wants to make.  A thirteen year old California boy calling 911 after finding his twin brother dead after playing what he thought was a game.

Sadly, in Calloway County members of the community could sympathize with the situation because in the matter of two months, two students at this middle died from asphyxiation. "The children that actually done this, she goes to school with both of them" said mother Jennifer Dunn.

Her daughter Teara recalled, "They were saying that they were just playing and they were not really going to do it." Teara Dunn is a 6th grader a Calloway Middle who learned a life altering lesson the hard way, attending the funerals of two of her friends "kids are dying from it, and other kids shouldn't try it."

Her mother Jennifer got choked up her talking about this deadly game and lives it stole from her community "that could be my child." Dunn like other parents in the audience listened closely some cried during parts of the presentation.

Barry Meadows with the Kentucky State Police tells me this may be hard for parents to hear, but they need to "they need to start communicating because if we loose are more children to any tragedy then that is one less child that we've helped."
Meanwhile, Teara Dunn stressed to her mother she'd never play this game and that's a promise Jennifer says she prays her daughter keeps.
Barry Meadows also mentioned the Kentucky State Police will offer this program to any other communities that want to learn more about the choking game.