Police say look out for "Irish Travelers"

Police say look out for "Irish Travelers"
By: Erica Byfield

GRAVES COUNTY, Ky. - The Irish are supposed to mean good luck in March but there is a group that wanders the country and allegedly known to take advantage of this festive time and spread bad luck.

Police call them the "Irish travelers" and say they are known to lead a gypsy like lifestyle.

"I'll be 96 years old the 29th of this month and I can't remember like I used to" but ask Naomi McClure about the "Irish travelers" who scammed her and she can tell you the story like it was yesterday. "He said I got to sell on linoleum, he said I would like to show you, I said I don't need any" said McClure.

Seconds later a white male barged his way through her front door. She went on to say, "when he got inside... here come two more."

Since McClure is wheel chair bound she always keep her belongs within an arms reach "my pocket book was sitting on the foot of that bed."

Then one of the men took a piece of linoleum and wrapped it around her to bind her to her wheel chair. While another grabbed her purse, ran out the front door and hopped in a white four door car. "I said he's got my pocket book, you bring that back here" said McClure.

Kentucky State Police Trooper Barry Meadows tells me as sad as McClure's story is this is not the first time it's happened in our area. "It's seems like the closer to Saint Patrick's Day the worse it gets, so it's coming up soon."

He hopes by getting the word out early that the "Irish Travelers" will soon make their rounds the elderly wont get scammed.
Meanwhile Naomi McClure says if they do show up again "I hope they catch them."
Trooper Barry Meadows says the "Irish Travelers" normally try to sell the elderly linoleum, but they'll also ask to do jobs like fix your roof or cut down a tree.