Cape Girardeau St. Louis flights could be canceled

Cape Girardeau St. Louis flights could be canceled
By: Ryan Tate
The Cape Girardeau city council approved the recommendation by the Airport Advisory Board to replace RegionsAir's service to and from St. Louis with Big Sky Airlines at Monday's council meeting. That paves the way for some big changes to air travel in Southeast Missouri.

Big Sky Airlines flies to Cincinnati, Ohio. According to Cape Girardeau Regional Airport (C.G.R.A.) Director Bruce Loy, it would be the first time in a long time there would not be commercial service between the C.G.R.A. and St. Louis. "It's difficult not seeing this community with service to St. Louis," Loy said. "But that is where we are right now. We've had a lot of issues recently with RegionsAir."

Loy points to cancellations in December of 2006 and issues earlier in the year as factors for the decision to change carriers. He also believes people could find more options flying out of Cincinnati, than they find flying out of St. Louis.
The United States Department of Transportation still must approve the proposed plan. Loy believes that could be made later this month at the earliest. If the plan is approved, Big Sky Airlines begins transporting passengers June 1st.