Poplar Bluff city council to vote on proposed halfway house

Poplar Bluff city council to vote on proposed halfway house
By: Ryan Tate
The Poplar Bluff City Council voted Monday 5-2 to approve the city's Zoning and Planning Commission's assessment of a proposed "transitional institution" at 409 West Center Street.  That means the Council will vote on the proposal during voting session on March 19th.

A transitional institution is the term used to describe a halfway house. Poplar Bluff already has a halfway house for federal prisoners just off of Highway 67, in the same building with a drug rehabilitation facility. Later this year the facility will no longer be used as a halfway house. "There is such a need for drug rehab that the facility is too small to house both programs," Federal Program Director Nancy Mosley said.

So Mosley and her husband want to open a new halfway house at 409 West Center Street.  Mosley placed a bid with the Federal Bureau of Prisons, and is still waiting to see the outcome of that proposal.

Mosley believes the facility will have plenty of security, but some neighbors are still concerned. "I'm scared, apprehensive and mad," Debra Hitt said. Hitt lives next door to the proposed facility.

"Maybe putting a stop to it will help. I think they will try to go somewhere else, and maybe others will fight it. It shouldn't be anywhere where children are involved, and I fell strongly about that," Hitt said.
In the current facility, about 18 federal prisoners call the halfway house home. Mosley says they spend on average about five months in the facility.