Dogs confiscated from Du Quoin home

Dogs confiscated from Du Quoin home
By: Carly O'keefe

DU QUOIN, Il. - According to police, 59-year-old Joyce Poole of Du Quoin was cited for cruelty to animals and operating an illegal kennel in her home Thursday. Animal control officers found 16 dogs living in deplorable conditions inside her home.
"Some of them were chained to a block in the floor, and she wasn't letting them out to go to the bathroom because she didn't want anybody to know that she had them there," said Kennel Administrator Mary Bullock with the Perry County Humane Society.
Poole was cited last year for keeping half a dozen dogs in the trunk of her car, but this time the dogs were always kept inside her home at 437 Chestnut Street in Du Quoin.
"They were covered in feces, caked into their hair they smelled awful. There were some she had made make-shift collars for with shoe strings and they had gotten sores from them starting to embed into their necks," Bullock said.
Because they were kept inside all the time, neighbors say they didn't have a clue Poole had 16 dogs.
"I didn't know there were that many dogs there," said neighbor Rodney Sizemore. "You couldn't hear them barking or nothing."
Perry County, IL Humane Society volunteers vaccinated the dogs and cleaned them up. Bullock says this was a case of a dog lover who doesn't know her limits.
"She thinks that she's doing the right thing. She's just overwhelmed and can't take care of all of them, and I don't doubt that she loves them all, it's just she's got too many to take care of and not enough financial resources to do what needs to be done for them," Bullock said.
Eventually, the dogs will go to a humane shelter in northern Illinois to be adopted out. According to Bullock, locally, they just can't take care of so many extra dogs all at once. The Perry County Humane Society is a shelter run solely on donations, and it's already strained after paying for so many vaccinations.