Humane society says cows are underfed

Humane society says cows are underfed
By: Crystal Britt

NEW MADRID COUNTY, Mo. - A Heartland News follow up on the story about a herd of cows in New Madrid County that many say are starving.   Friday, an investigator with the Humane Society of Missouri went to take a look at the cattle located in the country near Kewanee. Investigator Kyle Held says the cows are underfed, and need to see a vet.
The owner, Ronald Pipken of New Madrid, didn't want to tell Heartland News his side of the story, but says he feels the whole thing's been blown out of proportion. 
After our story first aired Thursday night, the previous owners of the cattle saw the story and couldn't believe it. Buzz and Barbara Weaver of Kennett now say they want the cows back. "When we saw that on the news, it was heartbreaking", said Barbara Weaver.  Weaver went on to say, "If possible, I want every one of them." However, the owner says, he's not selling.
Pipken is not facing any charges, and the animals are not being taken away. The owner's been told to properly feed the cattle, and have them looked at by a vet. The Humane Society says an investigator will stay on top of the situation.