Born to be bad - Does your kid have the brat gene?

Born to be bad - Does your kid have the brat gene?
By: Crystal Britt
We've all seen them, maybe your child's one of them. They throw fits, they scream, they whine, anything to get their way. Now, new research shows some children are born to be bad saying parents actually pass on brattiness to their kids.
The study is in the Journal Child Development, and it makes an argument for nature. Call it the "brat gene". Does your child have it, or is it just bad parenting? Parents of bratty kids now have a new excuse - blame it on genetics.
"I think that what we have is not a brattiness problem we have a parenting problem", said Jackie Brandtner. "I think every young kid kindergarten through first grade will act bratty sometime", said 12-year-old Mark Blanton. "I don't think you can be born bratty, I think it takes some time", said 12-year-old Chelsea Graham. New research, however says it is possible. Bratty children may born with argumentative traits passed on by their parents. 
Doctor Georgette Johnson hears of new research all the time, she notes this is just one study. "I think the nurture versus nature debate will always be here no matter how much we know about the brain", said Johnson. Does she think nature wins the bratty battle? "Right now I just can't see how there would be a brat gene." She says environment has a lot to do with it. "We also know based on research that attachment with a parental figure has a big impact early on and studies have shown that consistently over several, several years."