Police shoot and kill stabbing suspect

Police shoot and kill stabbing suspect
By: Arnold Wyrick
CARBONDALE, Ill. - It was just after 2:30 Monday morning when Carbondale Police received the 911 call from a house on South Beveridge Street.
"The caller said there was a person in a residence stabbing people," says Carbondale's Chief of Police Bob Ledbetter.
By the time police arrived the two men fighting inside the house were on the floor.
"Our suspect was in the process of stabbing our victim.  And they ordered him to drop the knife.  The suspect continued on stabbing the victim, and one of our officers shot the suspect at that time," Chief Ledbetter said.
The suspect was transported to Carbondale Memorial Hospital where he was later pronounced dead.  He's been identified as 22-year-old Lawrence Wirth of Carbondale. 
His victim who is not being identified at this time was also taken to Carbondale Memorial Hospital with multiple stab wounds.  He was treated and released in Monday afternoon.
"It was very violent at the time the officers arrived.  One of the subjects in the house at the time was shot and killed by a Carbondale Police Officer.  The Illinois State Police were called into investigate it as a neutral party," says Master Sergeant Stanton Diggs.
With empty beer bottles lining the porch of the house, and yellow crime scene tape laying in a pile of garbage in front of the house, investigators are still talking to people who may have seen or heard the stabbing and shooting.
Master Sergeant Diggs says it's plain to see that the Carbondale Officer probably saved the victims life.
"From all preliminary investigations or early indications this was a justified shoot," Stanton said.
Police won't identify who the officer is who fired the fatal shot.  Not even it's a man or woman, only that they've served on the force for 5 years.  And that the officer has been placed on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the Illinois State Police investigation into this incident.