My Lil' Reminder

Does it Work Wednesday
My Lil' Reminder
By: Lauren Keith

The My Lil' Reminder is a hand-held digital voice recorder that promises you'll never need to write down another note again!  In the commercial, users recite their grocery lists, homework assignments, driving directions and so on.  Then, they simply press "play" later to listen to their list.  I admit it looks handy. It's about the size of a remote control keychain, and it can hook onto your keychain as well.
Just like the commercial shows, Doloris Meyr uses the My Lil' Reminder to record her grocery list.
"Strawberries, eggs, rolls, frozen broccoli and cheese. I know I need all of that," she says as she peers into her fridge while she presses the "record" button.
So, if this gadget works, Doloris' note could end up in the trash.  However, she's still taking it along to the store, just in case the My Lil' Reminder fails.
"To find my car, I'm parked at the first welcome sign and down the row a bit," says Doloris as she parks her car in front of Schnucks.
So, the My Lil' Reminder now has a grocery list and parking directions stored, at least we think so. You see, this model didn't come with any instructions, and it only has play, record and erase buttons. So, we're wondering if it really did record both messages, and if it will play both of them back? Let's see.
"Strawberries, eggs, rolls, frozen broccoli and cheese," chimes the gadget, just as Doloris recorded it.
So, it works so far. We fumble around with it a bit, and finally figure out that the play button also works like pause. We wish we would have known that, so we didn't have to play through the entire grocery list each time!
"I'd have to get used to it," says Doloris.
Boy,she does get "used to it" pretty quickly.  She shops around like a pro, listening to her list. Now it's time for the true test. Did the My Lil' Reminder also store  Doloris' parking instructions?  She presses play and this is what we hear:
"To find my car, I'm parked at the first welcome sign and down the row a bit."
There you have it.  Despite the lack of instructions and playback functions, Doloris still likes this little gadget.
"I'd give it an A-. I'm pleased with it. I just don't know how to start and stop it.  I like having it right by my ear so I can keep shopping along and listening to it rather than stopping to cross something off my list," she says.
The $10 My Lil' Reminder works, but it'd be nice to have one with a few more functions.  It gets an A-....and now, Doloris will just have to remember to use it!
I bought the My Lil Reminder off the internet at  You can find similar digital voice recorders in area stores.  It's also advertised on cable.