Cairo to sell airport

Cairo to Sell Airport
By: Erica Byfield

Cairo, Il. --Last week we told you the city of Cairo may become home to a $3-billion gasification plant.  As we have learned aside from area farm land, the mayor says an un-named investment group is also in the process of buying the city's airport.  You could say it's the price the city of Cairo has to pay.

"The Cairo Airport Board passed a resolution in an agreement to sale the property to this company" said Jack Guetterman, airport board member.
As you can imagine buying and selling a federal and state supported airport is not easy.
"There are a lot of obstacles to pass" he said.
Leaders with the un-named company had to agree to buy this airport so it could build the plant to certain specifications; otherwise clearance rules come into play.
"If this goes through the Cairo Airport will be sold to this company and then there will be a lot of jobs available in this area" said Guetterman.
That is the same general feeling Mayor Paul Farris is operating with "You're talking about the opportunity for good jobs.  Jobs that pay more than minimum wage with good benefit packages."
He adds this latest announcement is not a campaign ploy on his part.
"I can't say this is going to happen, but I do know the preliminary steps to make this happen at this point as been accomplished."
Like agreeing to sell the airport, Mayor Farris and Jack Guetterman agree it is going to be awhile before we see smoke stacks.
"It may be a few years, but it's going" said Guetterman.
"Life as it is here two day will become the past, that's how dramatic of a change it could make" said Farris. 
If the city of Cairo has to give up its airport to make this dream a reality, I'm told it's more than worth it.
Mayor Paul Farris said there are talks about annexing in the property north of the Cairo airport to bring it within the city's limits where the proposed gasification plant would be built.