A week of honoring Martin Luther King Jr.

A week of honoring Martin Luther King Jr.
By: Carly O'Keefe
CARBONDALE, Ill. - Monday, the nation will take a day to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. But in Carbondale, multiple events make for a full week of recognition for the life and legacy of the legendary civil rights leader.
"We remember the work that Dr. King did and commit ourselves to the work that remains unfinished along the cause for justice for all people in our society," said the Reverend Dr. William Sasso, minister for Carbondale Unitarian Fellowship church.
For every event, there are folks who work tirelessly behind the scenes to bring it all together. Organizers of Sunday's Carbondale Community Celebration, "The Life and Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr." say it's a labor of love, and they're happy to do in honor of Dr. King.
"Relative to the sacrifices that the participants of the civil rights movement, not only Dr. King, but also the 10's of 1000's who suffered from fire hoses and police dogs, losing their jobs, being intimidated, having crosses burnt into their lawns--what we put up with is a little extra time and effort. It pales in comparison to those who came before us," Sasso said.
Sunday's celebration was just the beginning. In Carbondale, Dr. King's life and work will be honored for more than just one day. Sunday's event kicked off Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. week.  
"I think it is a good thing because it gives people the opportunity to see several different things and it's just more recognition for Dr. King," said one of Sunday's event organizers, Carolin Harvey.
Organizers hope the various events will remind folks that there's still work to be done before Martin Luther King's "Dream" is realized.
"I hope it makes people realize that there is still a need for people to be actively involved, and try to work for those things that Dr. King stood for," said Harvey.

January 15

     7-10:30 a.m. 25th Annual MLK Commemorative Breakfast and Award Ceremony 
     Location: SIU Grinnell Hall, lower level.

January 16

     6 p.m. MLK Recognition Week March
     Location: starts at SIUC Free Forum, ends at the SIU Student Center Auditorium.
     6:30 p.m. Joe Rogers' "The Dream Alive" program: a re-enactment of King's famous speech.     
     Performances by Bethel A.M.E. Shabach Choir, Delta Academy and Underground Arts.
     Location: SIU Student Center Auditorium.

January 17

     7 p.m.  Panel discussion, "Injustice Anywhere is a Threat to Justice Everywhere:  A Forum on
     Social Justice." 
     Location: SIU Student Center, Mississippi Room. 

January 18

     7 p.m.  MLK Recognition Week Closing Ceremony, "Then and Now." 
     Location: SIU Student Center Ballroom B.

Jan. 16 - 23

     Ongoing MLK Exhibition
     Location: SIU Student Center display case.