Wicked Twisters of 2006

Wicked Twisters of 2006
Reporter:  Jason Lindsey
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A lot has happened in the Heartland over the past year, but it's the severe weather that's dominated the headlines.  More than 700 severe weather events have occurred over the past year.  Here's a peek at the three biggest twisters to hit the Heartland in 2006.

September 22nd - Crosstown - F4
On September 22nd an F4 tornado touched down in Crosstown, leveling homes to the foundation, tossing vehicles through the air, and snapping trees like toothpicks.  Winds reached their peek at 210 mph as the twister ripped through this small Heartland town.  Several were injured, but no one died. 

April 2nd - Caruthersville - F3
An F3 twister ripped Caruthersville to pieces on April 2nd.  Holly Brantley and I were some of the first to view the damage that unforgettable night.  A peek from above at daylight showed the breathtaking damage this wicked twister caused.  It tore through the southern half of the city and damaged just about every home leaving many uninhabitable before weakening at the Mighty Mississippi.  There were more than 60 injuries, but no one died.

March 11th - Saint Mary - F3
On March 11th at 9:44 p.m. A tornado with peek wind speeds of 170 mph smashed through Saint Mary in Perry County, Missouri.  With camera in hand I was one of the first to see the devastation.  I can remember walking down Highway NN and smelling natural gas leaking into the air.  F3 winds picked up a vehicle and smashed it into a large propane tank creating the dangerous leak.  Homes were flattened while others suffered significant damage.  Several were injured and two died. 

This is just three of the biggest twisters to touch down in 2006.  Many other severe weather events occurred.  Let's just hope Mother Nature is a little nicer in 2007.