Bloodshed in Sikeston

Bloodshed in Sikeston
By: Tiffany Sisson

SIKESTON, Mo. --What started as a knock at the door, ended in bloodshed. Tuesday night, three people remain in the hospital, including the victims and the suspect! It happened just after three Sikeston on the North side of town.
What happened behind apartment door number 5? That question is what the Southeast Missouri Major Case Squad is working to answer. "This will be a long scene to process," explained Captain Mark Crocker, Sikeston Department of Public Safety.
The story is much like a scene out of Hollywood. There was a knock at the door, a shot fired, a bullet went through the door. That bullet hit a man inside, Michael Terry. Police said once the shooter got inside, a fight broke out. Terry's wife, Jennifer, grabbed kitchen knives, sparking a gun and knife fight. "It was one of those situations where it was fight or flight, and they decided it was time to fight, and apparently they held their own,' said Crocker.
Crime scene investigators stepped over and around what police are calling a bloodbath! "There was a lot of blood splatters, usually associated when you have stabbing, slinging blood. A lot will get on the walls and on the carpet," explained Crocker.
Investigators moved evidence inside a blue tent as to not contaminate the crime scene because of the cramped quarters. "They have to do angles that the blood was flown, splattered, stab wounds," said Crocker.
Michael Terry was shot three times. Both he and the suspect underwent surgery. Jennifer was cut twice. None of the injuries were life threatening.
The name of the suspect is not being released, pending formal charges.