'Ladder Falling' Season

'Ladder Falling' Season
By: Erica Byfield

PADUCAH, KY -- Believe it or not, were in the middle of ladder falling season.  During the holiday, every hour at least two or three Americans find themselves emergency rooms with ladder related injuries.

One families figured out a way to beat the statistics and keep dad on the ground.  

"To your right, oh, a little to the left," called Ginny Hutson to her husband, "You know you've done it before, it can be done."  But in the past few years Ginny made it a point to keep her husband Chris on the ground.

To his delight, "when one is afraid of heights, than it's no problem," said Chris Hutson.   

Chris used climb up to the second story of their Paducah home using an extended ladder.  "It's frustrating right now, but I would rather do this than get up on an extension ladder," said Chris.    

Now he keeps both feet on the ground, thanks to his wife's crafty invention.  Ginny said she bought the pole from a local store, "I think it was really to put up Christmas lights."  In this case it hangs festive wreaths with red ribbons.

Not everyone in the US comes up with a solution to their falling woes.
Nearly 6,000 people a year seek treatment from emergency workers like Jeremy Jeffrey, "You always worry about neck injuries back injuries, broken arms, legs and wrists, stuff like that."
Jeffrey adds not all those injuries come from people working outside, even the smallest step ladder can be a menace, so be careful. 

Meanwhile, back at the Hutson's, dads still working hard.  "Sometimes it works quickly and other times it's stubborn like this," said Chris. 

Before you know it, the background gasps and cheers from his wife and children seem to help.
"They know I can use all the help I can get, yes that was nice," said Chris after getting the finally wreath on the nail. 
Especially since this time he didn't have to venture 20 feet in the air to decorate his home with the holiday spirit.
Of those who seem to fall while decorating for the holiday season, 52% are men and it's typically while putting up outside decorations.