Getting ready for Thanksgiving at the Salvation Army

Getting ready for Thanksgiving at the Salvation Army
By: Tiffany Sisson
CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. - Thanksgiving just doesn't feel like thanksgiving without turkey and all the trimmings. But for many, a holiday meal is a luxury they can't afford. The Salvation Army in Cape Girardeau is using a special ingredient to cook up thanks, a pinch of generosity.
Plain brown boxes dropped off by the boy scouts are filled with more than just cans of soup and corn. They're filled with hope, and unpacked with prayer for the needy. "The submerged tenth of society. They're folks that sometimes fall through the cracks. In some communities, we might think of them as bag people, street people," said Major Ben Stillwell.
Mary Spell is helping to make sure there's enough. "The children at Maple United Methodist Church had asked the congregation during the children's church to bring a can of cranberry sauce or a can green beans to help feed the hungry,' said Spell.
The concept of feeding the hungry came from a Sunday school lesson. "They want to give and they want everybody else to take part in it," explained Spell.
Preparations are already going on to make Thursday something to be thankful about. Turkeys are being seasoned, and layers upon layers of cakes and pies are being sliced. Food waiting to be cooked, is stockpiled in freezers and on shelves. But despite the bounty of food, Stillwell is still concerned, "We have never been at a Salvation Army location that didn't have enough, but it's been real close. We'd rather have too much food, than not enough."
A request that would make for a thankful first Thanksgiving for Stillwell.
The Salvation Army still needs more donations. You can call or drop them off. Thursday, they will deliver meals to those who can't get out. You just need to put in your request by calling before Thursday.