Fisher Price Kid Tough Digital Camera

Toy Test #3: Fisher Price Kid Tough Digital Camera
By: Lauren Keith

Toy Test #3 zooms in and focuses primarily on the new Kid Tough Digital Camera from Fisher Price.  I'll see just how "tough" it is and how well it fares with other toys I've placed in the room. Toy Wishes magazine named Fisher Price's new digital camera the second hottest toy this season, behind TMX Elmo.
Here's what else the kids in Mrs. Riley's kindergarten class at North Elementary in Fruitland have to choose from.  So far, the girls really like Fisher Price's Snap 'n' Style dolls.  They're made especially for tiny fingers.  The doll's clothing and accessories simply snap into place.  We already see, sometimes, the clothing doesn't want to stay snapped on, but the girls don't seem to mind.
"Where are the weapons?" asks one boy as he spots Mattels' Matchbox Mega Rig playset.
That seems to be the question every little boy asks.  This playset includes a snow monster and all kinds of weaponry to go along with your Matchbox cars.  Good thing there's enough parts for most of the boys to play with--this toy is icy hot! The boys did a great job taking turns playing with the Snow Monster and the Fisher Price Shake 'n' Go cars and trucks.  You just shake 'em, and they take off!
Meantime, these little babysitters take special care of Mattel's Little Mommy Toddler doll.  The whole time our cameras were here, there were always girls playing at this activity center.
"Gotcha!" says one little girl, after she spots the digital camera and snaps my picture.
"I can take a picture of myself!" yells another excited little girl.
The girls strike a pose themselves and even pose their friends. I think we have some budding photographers here!  However, we notice no little boys are playing with the camera just yet.
"Do you want to play?" offers a little girl.
"No!" replies the little boy.
That's what I was afraid of. Fisher Price only sent me the pink digital camera to test, although it does come in blue.  I predicted the boys wouldn't care too much for the pink gadget, but after all the commotion, one little guy couln't take it any longer and decided a little pink doesn't bother him!
"Can I try?" he asks. Not long after that, other little boys start to take turns with the camera.  It also comes with an installation kit so you can print the pictures from home, or you can take the memory card to a store's photo lab.  Some of the parents watching the kids that day mentioned the advantage to this camera comes in when kids snap off-centered shots or any bad angle.  With a digital camera, you don't have to develop every picture like you do with film cameras.  So, some parents say the $70 price tag evens out with the countless rolls of film and money they've wasted when the little one gets a hold of Mom's camera.
Now, let's get back to business. Mrs. Riley had a great idea. She made a picture graph, representing each of the toys we're testing.  Each child placed their name next to their favorite toy, and the class will chart any changes over the next week.
One week later, here's what I found. The votes didn't stack up for the Little Mommy Toddler doll and playset, even though the girls constantly played with it. So, the $30 doll and $50 playset are sold separately, but I'm giving them both a "B+".
The girls second-favorite toy--- thes $10 Snap 'n' Play dolls, so they get an "A-". The boys played with the the Shake 'n' Go cars and trucks, just as much as the other toys, even though the votes didn't stack up that way. I really like the price for the cars and trucks---$10 each--- so, I'll give them an "A-".
The votes certainly came in for the $40 Mattel Snowmonster playset. It gets an A minus.  In first place--you guessed it.  The $70 Fisher Price camera is kid tough, and still a hit one week later. So, it turns out picture perfect snapping an A on this toy test!  Again, it comes in both pink and blue.  You'll want to read the package label to make sure it's compatible for your computer at home, or you can just take the memory card to your favorite photo lab.