Three killed when a train slams into their SUV

Three killed when a train slams into their SUV
By: Arnold Wyrick
MARISSA, Ill. - It was supposed to be a short drive to school, on Monday morning for three girls in Marissa, Illinois.  But instead their trip ended in tragedy, when the vehicle they were riding in collided with a train. "It appears a local mother was picking up young girls in town and transporting them to the Marissa Junior High School," says Chief of Police Mike Kerperien.
The conductor of the Canadian National Railway train told investigators he saw the vehicle approaching the crossing, but it never stopped. "According to the information we've gathered she did not make any attempt to stop, or slow down she just drove into the path of the train," Chief Kerperien.
The driver 43-year-old Tina Porter of Marissa, her daughter 13-year-old Allaysa, and 13-year-old Donna Calvert all died at the scene.  12-year-old Julie Seymour was air lifted to a Saint Louis hospital in critical condition.
"It's kind of hard, just thinking she's not here.  Especially like tomorrow morning when I'm thinking I'm going to be talking to her, but I'm not going to be able to.  She was like everyone's best friend," says Brittany Eggemeyer of Marissa. Friends of those who died in the crash began placing flowers at the scene in their memory.
As clean up crews with the railway company finished cleaning up the remaining pieces of debris at the scene. Calvert's father received the bad news while he was at work. "I was getting all these phone calls, and then the police called.  And they told me there was a train wreck with one of my family members.  When I arrived there was blue tarp over there covering the vehicle, that's where my daughter was," says Ken Calvert.