Fulton County murder-suicide uncovered

Fulton County murder-suicide uncovered
By: Erica Byfield

FULTON COUNTY, Ky. - Wednesday afternoon hunters discovered the body of Adrian Lopez in a wooded area outside Cayce and early Friday morning they found the body of his ex-girlfriend in a nearby field.

"Just past the curve here there is an entrance to a field," said Fulton County Sheriff Bobby Hopper. 
He had a hunch that turned out to be true.
"After we discovered the girlfriend, ex-girlfriend had been missing is when we suspected this," said Hopper. 
That in a jealous rage Adrian Lopez may have turned a 38 revolver on himself after murdering the mother of his child.
The local Air-Vac team out of Martin, Tennessee helped investigators locate the body of 20 year old Samantha Joe Smith and her car, a white 1991 Buick. 
"the car was hid from the roadway so passersby wouldn't see," said Hopper. 
Until the medical examiners autopsy report proves otherwise, it is believed Smith died of multiple gun shot wounds.
Hoppers now ready to call Lopez's death a suicide.  He says Lopez must have shot smith and hiked about 4 tenths of a mile in the woods until taking his own life.
This was an unusual case for hopper and his team to solve "we very seldom have Hispanics in this area it was very confusing for us when we found Mr. Lopez."  
The couple leaves behind a son.
Lopez had a picture of him on a medallion and his name tattooed on his neck.
Hopper adds through swift police work and tips from the public his officers were able to close the case on this county's first homicide suicide. 
Lopez was from Union City, Tennessee.
The Obion County Sheriffs Department received a missing persons report on Samantha Joe Smith on November ninth.