Landlord Faces Sexual Misconduct Charges

Landlord Faces Sexual Misconduct Charges
By: CJ Cassidy

POPLAR BLUFF, MO --A Poplar Bluff man finds himself in hot water for allegedly making sexual advances towards one of his female renters. 71-year-old Ray Robertson faces sexual misconduct charges and his victim says she has just the evidence she needs to back up her claims.
According to court documents this isn't the first time Robertson made sexual advances towards his victim.
Robertson's a well known property owner and landlord in Poplar Bluff.
He's currently on probation for a similar incident that took place about two years ago.
This time around the victim tells police Robertson, her landlord, entered her apartment and tried touching and groping her.
He allegedly came back a second time, a few days later, but this time the victim was ready; with a video camera she cleverly set up in her living room.
Investigators say Robertson picked up where he left off last time and all of it was caught on tape.
Robertson himself didn't return our calls.
Meanwhile police say sexual harrassment by a landlord violates federal and state fair housing laws.
They say you should go to police if you become the victim of unwelcome advances or if someone makes requests for sexual acts, or if a landlord asks for sexual favors in place of rent money.

The best way to protect yourself: police say document all incidents carefully, and getting evidence on tape goes a long way, but they caution, be careful.

"You never know if the suspect could attack you when you put yourself in that situation," Asst. Chief Gary Pride, with the Poplar Bluff Police Departments says.