Local Race for District Judge Heats up

Local Race for District Judge Heats Up
By: Erica Byfield

PADUCAH, KY --A race for judge in McCracken County heats up.  Voters still have a few days to sift through all the accusations and try to decide for themselves what the truth is.

We've followed the story and learned that an unsolved murder case is taking center stage in a Heartland political campaign.
"Everything on that flyer is correct," Judge Bard Brian stands by his political advertisement. 
In bold letters it reads "Present this to Chris Hollowell, get out of jail free." 
McCracken District Court Judge Brian is running for re-election against Hollowell.
He and hiss current boss, McCracken County Commonwealth Attorney Tim Kaltenbach, held a press conference Friday morning to voice their objection to the flyer.  
"He knows better, you don't talk about a pending case," said Kaltenbach. 
"The flyer says Hollowell fails to get her back in jail, the fact is she went to jail every time but she got released on the bond that Judge Brian set," said Hollowell in his defense.    
The "her" he's referring to is Penny Barid Shemwell, the wife of the doctor who died in what investigators call a suspicious fire.
"He's been talking about cases that I've handled for a year," said Brian for his reasoning for releasing the advertisement. 
On both sides of the issue the candidates are using their judicial knowledge to prove they're right and the other sides wrong.
What do the voters think?
"I just don't see any need in any negativity for any of the candidates," said voter Sue Clark of Paducah. 
"I feel like I'm missing out on the real information we should be listening to or hearing from the campaigns," said another voter Doug Dold.   
The flyers started showing up in McCracken County mail boxes on Thursday, November 2.