Medical Machine Saves Time, Money

Medical Machine Saves Time, Money
By:  Wes Wallace

Cape Girardeau, MO - A lot of medical tests involve plenty of time, money, and sometimes a little discomfort too.

"This is much less painful, it certainly is,"  says Alta Laster, a patient experiencing a new procedure for the first time.

It's called the biophotonic scanner, and it allows doctors to get a reading of anti-oxidant levels.  Instead of drawing blood and doing timely lab work, the machine scans your hand, and in about two minutes, can provide accurate results.

"What's so revolutionary about it, it saves time and money for the patient, it's really the first of it's kind,"  says Dr. Anthony Keele, with Cape Family Practice, "If you're taking vitamins or other supplements, it lets you know if they're doing any good."

Dr. Keele explains the higher your anti-oxidant levels, the more protected you are from outside pollutants in the air, water, or even in your food.  If you have high levels, it helps decrease your chances of skin damage, heart problems, and some types of cancer.

"Multiple blood tests usually run you several hundred or even a thousand dollars, this test is much cheaper at about 10-20 dollars"  explains Dr. Keele.

So for patients like Alta Laster, they just need to lend their hand for a few minutes for a much less invasive procedure.

Eating fruits and vegetables and taking vitamins can help raise your anti-oxidant levels.