Vandals and thieves continue their rampage in Marion, IL

Vandals & Thieves continue their rampage in Marion, IL
By: Arnold Wyrick

MARION, IL --Just when police in Marion, Illinois thought they had all the suspects rounded up in a recent rash of car and business burglaries, more criminal activity erupted over the weekend.

The trouble in Marion began right on the downtown square at Hill Printing.  The owners walked into their business Monday morning, and found a window broken out on the rear of their building.  And the vandals didn't stop there according to Marion Police, they also unleashed their destructive ways on a construction site nearby.

"We've had a lot of problems, they have tore up as you can see all these private parking signs here.  Which we've recently replaced, and sunk them in concrete.  Now they've come back and bent them again," says Scott Raines of Tri-State Construction.
The owners of Family Care Hearing Centers found similar problems at their office Monday morning.  They were greeted with several windows smashed out.
"As I opened the back door an eery feeling came over me like something was wrong.  Then as I looked towards the front of the office, I saw what looked like dew or something dripping down the window.  But the closer I came to the front of the office, I thought oh, somebody has broken out the window.  And I got panicked and called the police," says Emma Beaver of Marion.
Police haven't been able to identify any suspects in connection to the vandalism.  But both, say they've had enough.
"It's pretty aggravating because everyday when we come in we don't know what we'll find.  Or what's going to be tore up or damaged," Raines said.
"It aggravates the frizzle out of me, to think that someone would just deliberately tear up other people's stuff," Beaver said.
Marion Police are also reporting several vehicle burglaries, and damaged vehicles on Saturday and Sunday.  And someone stole the Halloween decorations out of the front yard of a home on South Eisenhower Street.
Anyone with any information about these recent crimes in Marion is asked to call the police department.