Police ramp up search for shooting suspects

Police ramp up search for shooting suspects
By: Ryan Tate
CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO - Four houses shot and a group of people with guns are the two major facts worrying people around Cape Girardeau neighborhoods.
Investigators believe a "cheap, assault rifle" was used in the shootings at four houses and apartments in Cape Girardeau earlier this week.  Police believe the shootings are not random, and think a group of teenagers or twenty-somethings is responsible.  No injuries have been reported to police.
"Everyone we talk to doesn't want this going on in their neighborhood. This is one we're taking very seriously," Cape Girardeau Police Department Sgt. Barry Hovis said. "We have a group of about 13 guys, to determine who is responsible and stop this before something severe happens."
If you have any information about the shootings, you are asked to call the Cape Girardeau Police Department at (573) 335-6621.