MXZ Pocket Saw

Does it Work Wednesday
MXZ Pocket Saw
By: Lauren Keith
The MXZ Pocket Saw claims it can cut through anything, even bricks and ceramic tile.  So, we got the help of two Cape Girardeau contractors.
Immediately after Quentin Williams examines the Pocket Saw, he's skeptical. "I'm not too sure it's going to work. We'll give it a shot," he says.
First, we start with a brick.  The MXZ slices into it, but's it's not as easy as it may look. "It's cutting it, but I don't know how long my arm will go," says Quentin, in between breaths.
After five minutes, Quentin's wearing out. "I have to trade off!" he says.  
So, fellow contractor Lyle Riggs steps in.  After a few minutes, he too, shoves the MXZ aside. Both guys say a true brick saw works much better than the MXZ.
Now let's go back to that commercial. I've slowed it down a bit, so you can take a good, close look.  It appears to me, this brick has already been cut before the MXZ slices into it! Quentin says that's pretty deceptive. "They cut through it pretty quick, but they got a head start!" he says.
So far, this saw hasn't impressed us. Now, let's see if it can cut through ceramic tile.  We find it's even harder to cut the tile!  Plus, after a lot of sawing, we haven't made too much progress. "We only got about a quarter of an inch!" says Quentin.
The guys are ready to move onto the next project - still not impressed and definitely skeptical this thing will cut glass.
Once again in the commercial, the actor got a head start, but this one's more obvious. You can completely see how this vase is already in two pieces - it merely just comes apart!  Give us a break!
Now back to reality, the guys have an even tougher time trying to get the MXZ to break our glass vase. Finally, it comes apart after Lyle put some force into it!
Next we use the MXZ on a section of drywall.  The guys both note, once again, you have to put a lot of force into this saw.  Then the drywall breaks! That's definitely not a clean cut!  Quentin shows us how it's much simpler to use a utility knife. Now, it's time to hand out a final grade.
"I'm going to give it a D. It's not quick and it's not feasible if you've got a lot of work to do," says Lewis.
"I don't think I'd waste my money on it.  It's much better to get the right kind of tool for the job you're trying to do," says Quentin.
Technically, this saw slices through most things, with a lot of effort, that is. Still, I can't technically flunk it, but it certainly deserves the next grade closest to failing!
The $15 MXZ pocket saw doesn't cut it. it gets a D- on this Does it Work Wednesday test.