Cardinals fans make Mets fans red with envy

Cardinals fans make Mets fans red with envy
By: Crystal Britt
CAPE GIRARDEAU COUNTY, Mo. - It seems like just about everywhere you go, it's Cardinals fever! Sporting goods stores are selling merchandise left and right with so many wanting to sport that Cardinal red.  
Even the youngest fans are fired up. It's Cardinal's day at South Elementary in Jackson. Miniature sized Edmonds and Pujhols could be seen all throughout the school.
It's not just the kids. "I'm a lunatic, psychotic, a freak", says Shannon McAlister. She's a self proclaimed fanatic, and pharmacy tech on the side.
Check yourself before coming into the Medicap Pharmacy on Kingshighway in Cape Girardeau. "If you're a Braves fan or a Cubs fan, you get kicked out", says McAlister.
And then there are the really hardcore fans. If you don't believe it, just ask Shannon where she took her wedding vows. "Home plate at Busch Stadium."
Think the workers at the pharmacy need more than a good prescription? How about the Neurosciences Center of Southeast Missouri Hospital in Cape. "They're the underdogs this year and that's why they'll win", said Laura Powers. Never mind, they're all Cards crazy too. "It's all about rituals and you don't want to mess karma up, you have to do the same thing everyday", said Powers. 
The doctor in the office says this kind of insanity is actually good for the brain. Heartland News asked him if the ladies in his office need medical attention. "I don't think so, unless people become too serious about it", said Dr. Abdul Basit Chaudhari.
As for predictions? "We'll have it in five", said McAlister. "The Cardinals and the Tigers, repeat of the '68 series", said Powers.  If faith was enough - they'd already be winners!