Southeast Missouri school locks classroom doors

Southeast Missouri school locks classroom doors
By: Crystal Britt
CHAFFEE, Mo. - School security is on the top of many minds right now after the horrific shooting in an Amish school house this week, and two others last week. Investigators continue to piece together details in the Pennsylvania schoolhouse massacre.
Go to any school in the Heartland and you'll probably hear the question, Could it happen here? These recent acts of violence really serve as a wake up call. Some southeast Missouri schools are just re-emphasizing the security already in place, while some are looking at ways to improve.
Principal Neil Glass from Chaffee High School knows his school isn't 100% safe. The rural setting is a second home for about 280 junior and senior high school students. "We feel the threat is just as viable for us as it is for anybody out there", said Glass. Small school means small budget. There's no surveillance cameras or metal detectors, but in the last few years the school has tried something different. "We're making sure our doors are locked, we're making sure we have lock down procedures in place", said Glass. By locking doors he means every single classroom, putting up even more barriers for a potential intruder. It's an adjustment teachers are willing to make.  
Like most schools today visitors must check in and out at the office, and all doors but the front are locked 24-7. But, is safety guaranteed? Principal Glass says, "To make sure every door is secure is almost impossible."