Man dies after driving motorcycle off lot without license

Man dies after driving motorcycle off lot without license
By: Erica Byfield

McCracken County, KY - Police say a 61-year-old man killed this weekend in a motorcycle crash just bought the bike.

Louis Tynes was on his way home from Sills Harley Davidson when he lost control and crashed.
Tynes drove it off the lot with proof of insurance and copy of his motor vehicles license.  Investigators said those documents did not allow him to operate the bike.
"The first thing I've seen is a woman running across the yard," said 86-year-old Merle Shemwell.
He's lived on the corner of KY 450, better known as Oaks Road, and Shemwell Lane for more than 40 years.  Through out the time Shemwell's witnessed bundles of accidents and tire tracks ruin his front yard.
"There was a big tree out there and the last on slammed into the tree and killed the driver," he added. 
Therefore, when he noticed the commotion on Saturday afternoon he knew something was up, peaked out the front door, and called 911, "about 15 minutes the road was full of stuff and blocked."
Investigators determined Tynes lost control of his new black Harley on the curve, hit a bump and was ejected off the bike.
"When the bike hit the ground it dug a hole in the yard," Shemwell mentioned. 
He adds Tynes was not wearing a helmet and landed about 6 to 8 feet in front of the motorcycle.
In the wake of this horrific accident the question is, how could Tynes be allowed to drive a bike off the lot without a motorcycle license?
The answers easy, there are no laws against it.

Compare it to buying a new car. In Kentucky you have to show proof of insurance, and it's assumed you've taken the time to learn how to operate a motorcycle and meet all the state requirements.

Similar to Missouri, where there's not a license required to buy a bike, but if you're stopped on the way home you'll have to show some sort of identification (permit of license to operate a motorcycle). 
In the end, it's up to the rider to make the call, but before anyone else takes the curve near Merle Shemwell's home to fast he hopes they read the signs and slow down. 
Sillis Harley Davidson in Paducah does offer lessons in riding a motorcycle every two weeks for a fee.  
Louis Tyne's funeral will be this Thursday at 11 a.m. at Brown Funeral Home in Mayfield.