Cairo Tosses in the Towel on it's Football Team

Cairo Tosses in the Towel on it's Football Team
By: Erica Byfield
CAIRO, IL --It's the end of an era in Cairo,IL.  After more than 80 years of tossing around the pig skin school leaders pulled the plug on the football program. 
"There are a lot people in this town that really care about this place," said second year Cairo High School Principal Tony Maltbia. 
Care so much, they called it quits on the pilot football team.
During the last eight decades the bleachers, field and scoreboard rarely welcomed fans or players. 
"Last year we finished football we had 14 boys playing," mentioned Athletic Director Rob Shepard, when the opposing team showed up with 40 it was hard to put up a fight.
Leaders at the high school choose to put an end to their losing streak and turn their 20 thousand dollar football budget into gold.
"We've painted the gym, put place banner with positive messages all through the hallways and murals in our hallway that the teachers painted," said Maltbia.     
Not to mention improvements to the baseball field and they've added two new athletic teams.
"We've added junior high baseball and junior high softball in hopes that will feed into our high school programs and build them up to the level they need to be," said Shepard. 
A level that could make the pilots a force to recon with in the black diamond conference, "we're getting a lot of support and we're just going full steam ahead in what were doing right now," said Maltbia and adds when a bulk of your support is coming from your staff... you're well on your way to success. 
"The numbers don't lie when you're talking 35-40 kids as opposed to 14 how could anyone say your not servicing your students more efficiently," added Shepard.